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Statement of Purpose

  1. To provide support and resources to TCM doctors in Alberta.
  2. To facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities for Alberta TCM doctors.
  3. To heighten public awareness and understanding of the role that TCM doctors presently fill, as well as strive toexpand this role to providing more efficient and cost effective frontline health care in Alberta.


Training and Credentials

Traditional Chinese Medicine is taught through private certified TCM colleges in Alberta.  TCM doctors may also acquire their training at universities and colleges elsewhere in Canada or further abroad, such as in the United States or China.  Many programs based in North America offer the option for students to study for a short period of time in China as part of their certification.

Here in Alberta, there are currently 3 schools where TCM doctors are trained.  The program is a rigorous 5 year program condensed into 4 years by attending school all year around.  Once an individual has completed this program and passed national licensing exams for Acupuncture, a TCM doctor is licensed to practice the full range of TCM modalities. These include but are not limited to:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbal Therapy
  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion
  • Electrostimulation
  • Auricular Therapy

Some TCM Doctors specialize in one or more of these treatment modalities.

Insurance Coverage

Extended health benefits generally provide coverage for Acupuncture performed by a licensed and registered TCM Acupuncturist.  Many people also have health spending accounts that will cover Acupuncture.  Please check with your health insurance provider to find out what coverage you have available.

Relationship to Alberta Health Services

TCM doctors offer care which is complimentary to the services provided by AHS doctors.  TCM doctors already support and treat patients injured in motor vehicle accidents, those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatment,  those recovering from surgery or entering rehabilitation, those with common illnesses and those with chronic pain to name a few.  A trained TCM doctor knows how to safely integrate their care with the care of western medical doctors.  Used alone or in conjunction with western medicine, TCM is a safe and effective form of medicine that can provide enormous benefit to a patients health and well being.  We continue to pursue the development and expansion of an integrated health system to best serve Albertans;  one that includes TCM as a frontline medical approach to health, wellness, prevention, and treatment.