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  • To represent our members in liaison with Alberta government in the process of establishing legislation for Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors in Alberta.
  • To promote the recognition of the profession of Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor among the public.
  • To maintain the professional standards of practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine among our members.


Full Membership
An applicant is eligible to apply for full membership if the applicant

  • Has satisfactorily completed a formal, comprehensive, institution-based training in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a curriculum of minimum 2800 hours, or has satisfactorily completed another form of training that is substantially equivalent to the training program as mentioned above; and
  • Has met the TCM competency requirement as defined by the Association, and
  • Has satisfactorily completed an examination approved by the Association; and
  • Has completed and submitted the application form prescribed by the Association and has paid the applicable fees; and
  • Is practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, and must have their clinic approved by the Association.
    Full members are eligible to hold office, are entitled to all benefits provided by the Association and have the right to vote.

Student Membership
An applicant is eligible to apply for Student Membership if the applicant

  • Is full or part time studying Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture; and
  • Has completed and submitted the application form prescribed by the Association and has paid the applicable fees.

Student members can apply at any time for full membership status after fulfilling the requirements for Full Membership as determined by the Association.

Student members are entitled to benefits as determined by the Association. They are not eligible to hold office and don’t have the right to vote.
Notwithstanding any justifiable qualifications the Association has the discretion and right to refuse admission of the applicant without giving any explanation. The Association reserves the right to revoke the membership of the member.


A provincial, non-partisan and non-profit organization founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2001.


The technical modes of practice that the members of the Association may use are all the safe techniques, which are based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as described in the TCM Competency requirement defined by the Association.


Initial Application Registration Fee: waived
First Year Membership Fee: January 1 – December 31: $50
First Year Membership Fee: July 1 – December 31: $25

Full Membership
Initial Application Registration Fee: $50
First Year Membership Fee: January 1 – December 31: $100
First Year Membership Fee: July 1 – December 31: $50


Your membership application is considered submitted only when the AAATCMD office has received ALL pieces of information required in order to process the application including the full payment amount.

  1. Copy of photo identification (drivers license, passport or citizen card)
  2. 1 copy of diploma/degree certification in TCM training and education
  3. 1 copy of Certificate of Alberta Acupuncturist Registration
  4. TOTAL $150 (for first year) and $100 for subsequent years
  5. Please submit the required TOTAL fee with your application immediately after applying.
    Please submit this payment by e-transfer to

Congratulations to all who have successfully passed the registration exams! A membership with AAATCMD (Association of Alberta Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors) can smooth your application for a licence with the regulatory body CAA (College of Acupuncturists of Alberta). Here are the steps you can follow.


This is the professional association that serves the member’s interest and supports the Traditional Chinese Medicine profession by setting high standards of practice, education, competence, and ethical conduct, and finally strives for TCM regulation in Alberta. You can submit the application through this page.

Be sure to have all of the required documents ready when you apply:

  • Your personal information
  • Professional/ Institutional/Apprentice Training
  • Two references information including:
    • Reference’s name (First, Last) Professional Title,
    • Professional Body or Organization
    • Phone, Email.
  • Additional documents need to upload:
    • Identification (drivers license, passport, or citizen card)
    • Diploma/degree certification in TCM training and education
    • Screenshot of your exam results from Pan Canadian exams and CAA exams

When you have the information and documents ready, you can start to apply. Fill out all the required information marked with *. For questions that do not apply to new graduates, please follow the instructions listed below:

  • Current Practice, please choose Other. (See the pictures below)
  • Name of current acupuncture or TCM practice, please type ”Successfully passed the Pan Canadian exams and CAA exams in 202X”

Submit all the documents required. For the Certificate of Alberta Acupuncturist Registration that you don’t have yet, please upload the screenshot of your Pan Canadian exams and CAA exams results. At the end of the application, click Submit. AAATCMD membership committee will receive and review the application. Once it is approved, you will receive an email to confirm and you will need to e-transfer the registration and membership fees. Upon receipt of all fees, you will be issued a receipt and certificate with your AAATCMD membership number.


AAATCMD membership committee will email you with details about the insurance that is required by CAA’s license registration. You need to follow the instructions in the email to complete the online form for your insurance application. Your AAATCMD registration number is required to complete the form. For any questions related to the insurance, you can contact the insurance broker directly. After you successfully submit your application for insurance, the insurance broker will send you the link to complete the payment. The process usually takes a couple of days. Then they will issue the insurance invoice to you.


For new registration applicants, CAA may have several requirements, such as a valid standard First-aid and CPR & First Aid C certification, to complete the registration application. Please read carefully from CAA’s website for details: Now you are almost ready to register with CAA. You have your insurance covered for your future practice ready. Provide all the information and documents that CAA requires on the official website to register. If you have any questions regarding the AAATCMD membership application, please free feel to contact us at Again, congratulations for passing all of your exams, and welcome as a future member of AAATCMD!