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What is acupuncture?

If you’ve never tried Acupuncture, you’re in for a treat.  It can be a life changing experience!  Knowing you can improve your health and treat dis-ease with virtually no side effects is a big deal.  Getting a treatment that is always custom designed for your specific health concerns is also pretty fabulous.  Recognizing  that more and more people are looking for a natural way to manage their health,  choosing Acupuncture is the smart thing to do.

So what is it exactly? Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that has stood the test of time.  Used for thousands of years to treat millions of people, it is now practiced all over the world and in fact, is recognized by The World Health Organization to be a very safe and effective method to treat an impressive number of health conditions.

Learn More From The World Health Organization

It involves the virtually painless insertion of very fine needles into specific points called acupoints.  Although each point has a very particular function and plays a key role in your individualized treatment, the combination of points that is selected by your acupuncture practitioner is what makes the treatment work so effectively.  There are many theories as to how acupuncture actually works, but the bottom line is that acupuncture helps to activate the body’s own ability to heal.

In technical terms, acupuncture manages the flow of “Qi” (pronounced chee).  Qi is your vital energy – it is what makes you alive.  Chinese medical theory states that disruption in the flow of Qi results in changes that lead to deterioration in health and eventually dis-ease.  Your acupuncture practitioner will often see subtle signs of disruption and be able to correct them even before you have any symptoms.  This makes acupuncture a great choice for those who want to be proactive with their health.