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The Alberta Association of Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors is a provincial association of professional Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors. Registered Acupuncturists are currently governed by the province’s Health Disciplines Act and Acupuncture Regulations.

To become eligible for registration a candidate is required to have successfully completed an approved program of studies and to have passed the Provincial Registration Examination. Those who meet these requirements and have completed the process of registration can apply for membership in the Association. These Acupuncturists have demonstrated the knowledge and skills to practice acupuncture competently and safely.

For Prospective Members

AAATCMD welcomes applications from all Acupuncturists/TCM doctors who are compliant with the above criteria. Members receive access to AAATCMD benefits, which include:

  • Continuous improvement of your professional skills via our monthly continuing education forums.
  • Exclusive access to online webcasts of select professional development forums.
  • Subscription to AAATCMD newsletter, highlighting events that are newsworthy for Acupuncture Professionals.
  • Access to AAATCMD Acupuncture Brochure (similar to the FAQ section of this website), which you can provide for your patients.
  • Inclusion in AAATCMD member database.
  • Online advertisement for your business.
  • Professional Prestige.

Application Process

  • Interested parties should email for further information.
  • We offer two options to fill out the AAATCMD’s application forms. You can fill out our English electronic application forms for students and full members.